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Integration of Geothermal Energy into Industrial Applications (IGEIA)

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The objective is to help the development of geothermal heating and cooling into industrial sites. Indeed the industrial sector offers a very attractive target for geothermal use…but the number of applications in Europe is small. The main barriers on this market are the lack of examples, so we want to show the industry that a geothermal system is possible and less expensive than conventional energy technologies! The five partners in Portugal, France, Germany, Sweden and Estonia cover the three main climatic conditions in Europe: Mediterranean, Temperate and Nordic. The project is firstly to study the installation of geothermal system in Germany, France and Sweden on 3 industrial sites: supermarkets, pipes manufactory, shopping centre. Secondly we try to customize a “geothermal product” with common pay back periods and finally we replicate these examples in Portugal and Estonia to validate our data. A brochure and two events will present our results.


  • Presentation of the local conditions to install geothermal heating and cooling.
  • Studies showing how to install geothermal energy on industrial sites.
  • A description of the potential market for geothermal energy in the industrial sector.
  • Feasibility Study of the geothermal application
  • Dissemination activities on geothermal potential and its advantages for the industrial sector

Lessons learned

  • A first important lesson learnt involves the financial incentives that can be granted to help an industrial in integrating geothermal energy into its applications. Being a solution with relatively high investment costs, it was crucial to inform key actors about the possibility to have their project financed and the way to apply for subsidies.
  • Project meetings offer a great opportunity to discuss project management but also to share information about different techniques. A presentation of several innovative tools was held: simulation software, applications (Underground Thermal Energy Storage), Thermal Response Test… We learnt about other technologies developed across Europe.
  • The results for the Mediterranean climatic conditions showed that geothermal energy use is not profitable unless cooling and heating needs are present simultaneously. Consequently, the geothermal system would be designed to provide the site minimum needs.

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01/12/2006 to 31/05/2009
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