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Energy For Poverty Alleviation in Sahel (IE4SAHEL)

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The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of a well-established research and training centre in the domain of energy and on its role to combat poverty. In particular the following activities are being implemented: - inventory of energy stakeholders; - assessment of current energy policies and regulations; - assessment of potential energy sources and appropriate low cost technologies; - implementation of training courses for the trainers at ARC; - facilitating the communication of scientific and policy information in the region on energy and poverty; - networking and advocating activities on the role of energy for poverty reduction.


  • Implementation of energy related courses and activities in the Aghrymeth Centre
  • Formulation of sustainable and pro-poor energy policies in the Sahel region
  • Raising the awareness of policy makers and energy stakeholders on the role of energy to combat poverty.

Lessons learned

  • The project activities has already created an effective network of stakeholder in energy and poverty issues in the region and put in the agenda of the CILSS, most important regional organisation in Sahel, those issues. Although it is very difficult to gather information in this African region, the project has already accomplished a great deal of work in assessing and treating pertinent data and information for policy makers in energy and poverty alleviated related issues.
  • Last updated: 15.07.2010

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Instituto Superior Técnico
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Luis Alves
0035 1218417372


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01/04/2005 to 31/07/2007
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