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Harmonizing air-conditioning inspection and audit procedures in the tertiary building sector (HARMONAC)

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Through undertaking monitoring and measurement of the energy use in 42 AC systems and their components in 8 EU Member States, HARMONAC has been able to provide an evidence based report on the Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) generally available in Air Conditioning systems. These in-depth Case Studies have then compared with ECOs found from Field Trials of HARMONAC AC system inspection procedures which are based on EN15240 - the CEN Standard for AC Inspection. This comparison has enabled conclusions to be reached about how many of the ECOs that are available would be able to be identified and implemented in EU Member States as a result of the EPBD Inspection process. The project has also produced tools for use in the Inspection process, and a Teaching Package to assist in the Training of Inspectors.


  • Measured energy savings from A/C systems and their components from across Europe through Inspection actions.
  • A guide to energy conservation opportunities for air-conditioning systems. These will be produced from the measured data on the energy savings achieved, and will show the average energy savings.
  • A teaching resource for use by trainers of air-conditioning inspectors.
  • A number of tools for use during the inspections to speed up the process and to provide robust estimations.
  • A database of the case studies and field trials undertaken within the project. Measured energy consumptions from air-conditioning systems and their components from across Europe will be included, and where applicable the database will show the savings achieved in each system through actions undertaken during maintenance.

Lessons learned

  • The project completed 42 Case Studies and 394 Field Trials in 8 Member States to provide information on how AC systems consume energy. Each of these Case Studies and Field Trials can be searched for and downloaded in pdf format from an online database.
  • Over 140 ECO’s have been identified to date, most of which have been described and have some information on the likely savings to be achieved. The majority also have an indication of which Inspection item(s) will identify them, and therefore the likely time:energy savings ratio. Over 50 of these ECOs have been described in detail.
  • The final versions of the HARMONAC Inspection procedures include estimates of time to undertake an Inspection item; the ECO’s likely to be identified by that Inspection item; and the likely average savings to arise when each ECO is applicable.

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Cardiff University
United Kingdom
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Knight Ian
Ian Knight


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01/09/2007 to 31/08/2010
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