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GeoThermal Regulation - Heat (GTR-H)

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Irish based geoservices consultancy the CSA Group, together with 7 EU partners is co-ordinating the GTR-H project to develop a framework of geothermal heat legislation/regulation aimed at 4 target countries, Hungary, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Poland, which will be used to guide implementation of regulations across the EU based on the experience gained from the implementation of recent geothermal regulation in France, Germany and Netherlands. GTR-H runs over 36 months from November 2006. The project consortium comprises government bodies, intuitions and associations, providing a broad base from which all stakeholders in the sector can be represented. This template and its implementation aims at increasing overall sectoral investment in geothermal energy for the exploration and exploitation of heat across the EU. GTR-H will also provide broader guidelines for establishment of geothermal regulation in other EU countries. GTR-H builds on previous EU projects such as K4RES-H in the renewable energy sector.


  • Deficient and, in some cases, effectively absent geothermal regulations in Poland, Hungary, Ireland and the UK (Northern Ireland) have been reviewed since the beginning of the project and are being used identify the barriers in the sector not addressed by regulations and legislation.
  • Current legislation regarding geothermal energy in Germany, France and The Netherlands has been identified as providing effective and forward looking and is providing a starting point for the development of a regulatory framework. The key elements of international best practice will also be reviewed to place the framework in context.
  • Development of a geothermal framework will follow with appropriate consultation and dissemination to maximise the applicability of the results.
  • It is envisaged that there will be broad transferability of the framework to the remaining EU-25 (27) countries.
  • This project will help increase the geothermal contribution to the targets for renewable energy in the EU by providing a more robust legislative and regulatory infrastructure for geothermal in the EU, contributing to the security of investment, competitiveness and environmental protection and closing the gap between the front runner countries and other EU member states.

Lessons learned

  • The GTR-H project reviewed and established the regulatory barriers and deficiencies of four, unregulated EU target countries through a process of discussion and consultation with key target actors and stakeholders at a national level.

Partners and coordinator

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CSA Group Ltd
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Nicholas O'Neill
00353 1 2964667


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01/11/2006 to 31/10/2009
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