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Boosting the European Market for Biogas Production, Upgrade and Feed-In into the Natural Gas Grid (GREENGASGRIDS)

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The GreenGasGrids project aims at leveraging the market development for biomethane by means of: • Hands-on know-how transfer from "forerunner" to "starter" countries • Support finding solutions to market barriers • Bring together potential business partners • Promotion of biomethane projects in countries with high potential but few activities In forerunner countries (countries with running biomethane projects) the project focuses on the most pressing issues of trade, technical standards, legislation and sustainable biomethane, bringing together key market actors and pushing for solutions to existing market problems. In starter countries (countries with projects under preparation and/or high potential) comprehensive biomethane strategies are targeted to provide decision-makers (ministries, regulators, related state agencies) with technical and legislative advice enabling them to introduce the most cost-efficient support measures. Market players (gas industry, plant constructors, project developers) from forerunner and starter countries will be involved in effective business matchmaking that will trigger investments, creating a win-win situation for all relevant players.


  • Tackle biomethane market barriers/open issues on the EU-level: • Address main issues for biomethane markets: trade, technical standards, legislative aspects, sustainability • Build on existing initiatives and provide added value to their outcomes
  • Provide know-how transfer from forerunner to starter countries with regard to biomethane market development: • Pass hands-on experience and information to starter countries • Develop national roadmaps together with national stakeholders to address country-specific setting and barriers • Arrange business match-making • Develop business models for biomethane projects
  • Address EU level legislative support by developing an EU Roadmap for biomethane

Lessons learned

  • Political will is critical for biomethane markets to set off or flourish
  • Close transnational cooperation especially between forerunners and emerging markets is another essential factor
  • Trade opportunities will significantly influence future biomethane market developments. The development of a biomethane standard is crution for the further development

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Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH
10115 BerlinBerlin
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Michael Herr
+49 30 72 6165 696


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01/06/2011 to 31/05/2014
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