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Capacity building and lessons to be learned for the institualisation of sustainable energy policies in the municipalities’ operations (GREEN TWINNING)

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The main objective of the project is to support local authorities not only in preparing their Sustainable Energy Action Plans but also to take them one step further and train them to implement SEAP-related actions. A pool of learning municipalities from Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovenia are being twinned with experienced municipalities from Spain. Capacity building activities regarding SEAP development and implementation are organised while day-to-day technical assistance and guidance is provided to participating municipalities.


  • At least 15 SEAPs submitted for approval under the Covenant of Mayors
  • Representatives from at least 40 local authorities personally trained on SEAP development and implementation
  • At least 16 sustainable energy actions implemented
  • At least 50 new Covenant of Mayors signatories
  • At least 10 obligatory and 10 voluntary twinning agreements signed between experienced municipalities from Spain and learning municipalities from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Slovakia

Lessons learned

  • In addition to technical staff, it is very important to involve mayors and vice-mayors in training on sustainable energy planning and implementation. As decision-makers, they play a crucial role in municipalities' transition towards low carbon communities.
  • Training courses at European level are giving the opportunity to participants to exchange experience and knowledge in personal level. Technicians and politicians from different countries get closer, cooperate, learn from each other and exchange experience on implemented actions in different countries.
  • It is very important to create synergies with other existing events and initiatives as they strenghten more the capacity of public authorities in integrating sustainable energy policies into their operations. Furthermore, through synergies, the importance of sustainable energy planning and CO2 reduction is more emphasised.

Partners and coordinator

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Regional Union of Municipalities of Attica
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Mr. Arvanitakis Spyros


In brief

06/04/2012 to 06/04/2014
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