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Green alternative postal vehicle project (GREEN POST)

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Green Post is planned as an exchange of best practices and lessons learned in postal delivery with electric and hybrid vehicles services. Green Post aims at improving energy efficiency and reducing air pollution in 4 EU Countries as Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Bulgaria. The postal agencies and universities of these four Member States will test the alternative vehicles in the implementation of their postal services. The tests results, together with support materials (such as impact environmental assessments and economic analysis, management and maintenance trainings) will corroborate the cost effectiveness and environmental benefits of the investment. The resulting experience, lessons learned and know how, will be systematized, shared and discussed, among all stakeholders, in order to stimulate the replication of similar initiatives (investments). The public will also participate through an intensive communication strategy.


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption during mail delivery services.
  • Stimulate the replication of similar initiatives (investments) in other European Postal Company as in all EU transport sector.
  • Support the electric vehicle market
  • Reach the target groups by information campaigns to stimulate initiatives and implements measures to optimising energy-efficiency in the transport sector

Lessons learned

  • Customization of the vehicles according to the postmen’s needs
  • The different types of routes for mail distribution in the partner countries has allowed us to build a fundamental grid for the selection of the best type of vehicle: power-hybrid or electric, to be used in each type of relief (depending on the altitude, contour line of the territory, distance driven, number of stop and go)
  • Project implementation allowed each partner to improve their network capacities and to better understands procedures and decisional schemes of key public and private operators. Partners were involved in key national events, promoted the initiatives among the European operators and allowed understanding and configuring the best way to install the recharge facilities.

Partners and coordinator

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Poste Italiane SpA
Contact point: 
Domenico Astarita
0039 6 59583344


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06/12/2007 to 05/06/2010
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