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The project’s aim was to inform the owners and managers of rural lodges about the use of renewable energy micro cogeneration systems. By defining energy demand through the use of audits conducted in selected lodges across all regions, the project set out to develop a guide to help with the use of renewable systems. On the understanding that each geographical region has its own imperatives and solutions, the project aimed to collect data on equipment and fuel suppliers as well as renewable energy sources in each region. The aim was a four-pronged analysis of: the energy demands of rural lodges; the renewable energy sources on offer; the potential of micro CHP; and ways in which to marry supply with demand. The final objective was to spread the results of the analysis phase to as wide an audience as possible. By involving each region in the audit process, the project hoped to make it possible to extrapolate findings to European countries not involved in the project.


  • The use of renewable sources of energy in the lodges and facilities was enhanced, despite differences in the typology of buildings and between demand profiles;
  • Knowledge was shared between the eight participating regions regarding the different possibilities available for renewable energy sources in rural business;
  • Guests, managers and owners were informed of the choices available in the selection of renewable and micro-CHP technologies;
  • Project partners widened their scope by applying RES solutions defined in other regions to their own;
  • All partners developed a regional guide containing useful information for owners and managers on the installation of these energy systems in their lodges and a multi-regional guide containing information for potential users not included in the project.

Lessons learned

  • There are great differences among the typology (size, building type, etc) and use, which leads to a very wide range of energy demand patterns, specially in what regards demand profile along the day, the week, the month and the year.
  • Given the very different conventional energy cost from one region to the other, micro-CHP's profitability varies a lot, even is technically feasible in the most cases.
  • There are not standardised financial mechanisms at private level, existing public support schemes (Grants, tax reduction and soft loans) for renewable and rational use-related investments. Last Updated: 10.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Guillermo Escobar Lopez
0034 444 59 01


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01/01/2005 to 31/01/2006
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