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Stimulation of regional RES HEAT markets through establishment of regional SME clusters (Green Energy Clusters) (GREEN ENERGY CLUSTER)

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Most actors in the markets for heating from renewable energy sources are small. This project organises several SMEs in regional clusters and joins their efforts to increase their visibility and enhance the knowledge transfer and co-operation between the companies involved. Each cluster sets its own strategy and action plan for the deployment of green energy in its region and market, including - Training in entrepreneurship, management, marketing, export activities etc. - Development of information tools, e.g. websites, brochures and seminars. - Facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge through cluster workshops and joint resources for marketing, business development, export activities etc. - Facilitate new business contacts and co-operation between the SMEs through bi- or multi lateral partnering meetings. - Production of a booklet on regional green energy cluster initiatives to support the formation of similar clusters within other European regions.


  • Establishment or strengthening of 5 Green Energy Clusters, one per region involved, resulting in increased sales figures, new partnerships and cooperation between participating SMEs.
  • The raised knowledge, new contacts and utilisation of joint resources.
  • Information dissemination activities for raised awareness amongst end-users.
  • The potential import/export of products between the members of the different clusters which will broaden the range of technologies and products on the regional markets.
  • In total more than 200 companies/organisations will be involved in the clusters and 40 cluster activities implemented.

Lessons learned

  • Most actors in the markets for heating from renewable energy sources are small SMEs with limited resources for marketing, business development and capacity building. Although interested in participating in the clusters, they experience difficulties in allocating sufficient time and resources to do that.
  • Clustering is a long process that requires a lot of human resources in the initial stages to gain trust and to achieve the first actual outcomes and results. Cluster coordinators have to have a good knowledge of the market and technologies. Continuous communication and animation of the cluster members is a must. Thus public bodies and/or funding are a necessity in the initial stage. Involvement of one or a few larger companies that has resources also facilitates the cluster development.
  • When the cluster has been initiated lot of opportunities for cost effective activities are identified and competition between the cluster members is less prominent. Last updated: 23.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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KanEnergi Sweden AB
Contact point: 
Mats Johansson
0046 511 34 76 64


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01/01/2005 to 28/02/2007
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