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Promoting green public procurement (GPP) in support of the 2020 goals (GPP 2020)

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GPP 2020 aimed at: - building capacity amongst public authorities for the implementation of GPP for energy related products, services and works procurement, - building capacity amongst procurement training providers, to enable the integration of GPP into regular procurement training programmes, - achieving CO2 reductions through supporting the implementation of GPP tenders, - promoting knowledge transfer of GPP approaches, and innovative technologies and services between purchasing bodies and GPP support bodies across Europe, - enhancing permanent GPP support structures in the target countries.



Lessons learned

  • GPP 2020 shows that changing behaviour in big purchasing organisations is sometimes like turning a tanker – slow moving but once on the move they do it very effectively and act as a role model for low-carbon procurement.
  • A rich and comprehensive set of activities were implemented such as a tender database, national networking events, a one-stop information platform or the establishment of an online GPP helpdesk. Starting early in the project in identifying those concrete activities was crucial for the success.
  • Development, application and continuous improvement of the GPP 2020 methodology including the calculators on how to measure energy and CO2 eq savings – appropriate resources are needed to provide a timely and professional in-consortium helpdesk for calculating the achievements.

Partners and coordinator

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ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability European Secretariat
Leopoldring 3
D-79098 Freiburg
Contact point: 
Philipp Tepper
+49 761 368 9247


In brief

01/05/2013 to 30/04/2016
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