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Go Pedelec! (GO PEDELEC!)

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The project first assesses the current state of the art and the trends of the international market of electric vehicles (wp2) with a focus on electric two-wheeled vehicles, informs municipal decision makers (target group 1) on the results in especially designed Road-Show Information Days (wp3) held in 5 partner countries. The road-show part of these days is also open to citizens (target group 2). The Road-Show Information Days provide for information on the state of the art of electric vehicles to target group 1 and allows for experience exchange about past, current and planned municipal activities on electric vehicles. At a European level (beyond the scope of the project partner countries) dissemination and information relies on the large network of ’Cities for Mobility’ (represented twice in the consortium) and on the use of a brochure ’Electric Vehicles in Urban Transport Systems’ and of a handbook ’Pedelecs’ (accessible to both target groups). In wp4 the project builds capacities for continuing the information of municipal decision on electric vehicles beyond the project’s lifetime in several European countries (not only the partner countries).


  • 15 road-shows, which will be held in five countries, giving to the citizens the possibility to experience the feeling of electrically assisted cycling on a test track. For this purpose, in every participating city there will be installed a test parcours with a steep ramp for several days.
  • During the road-show information days, there will be the following supporting activities for special target groups: Consultancy and exchange of experience for and with municipial decision makers from different cities Training and consultancy for bicycle retailers, which often do not have necessary knowledge upon the new components of a pedelec – Battery and electric motor.
  • Market assessment on Pedelecs
  • Information and dissemination campaing completing the road show information days and an transnational network of capacities.

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energieautark consulting gmbh
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Mr. Thomas Lewis
+43 1 208 3818


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01/09/2009 to 31/08/2012
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