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"Go ECO – Development and Implementation of Integrated Energy Concepts in Business Parks" (GO ECO)

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Business parks offer various opportunities and synergies for a rational use of energy and an expansion of efficient energy generation technologies. Especially SMEs in such parks are often facing similar problems to implement cross-sectional technologies for an efficient and sustainable generation and use of energy. The main target of goEco was to apply a co-operative approach to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in existing business parks, i.e. the participative development and implementation of a strategy aiming for the following targets:
  • analysis of energy supply and demand structure of each business park,
  • identification of energy saving potentials and respective core technologies,
  • implementation of energy audits and feasibility studies,
  • development of an Integrated Energy Concept as guidance document,
  • implementation of the developed strategy in each business park by consultancy regarding financial, operational and procurement issues and
  • project development, tender process and establishment of an energy management system.


  • Decrease of CO2 emissions by about 4.000 t/CO2 per year
  • Creation of altogether 80 feasibility studies and 40 preliminary energy audits
  • Development and implementation of 8 integrated energy concepts
  • Implementation of concrete measures in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy production in 8 European business parks, such as exchange of heating systems, refurbishment of buildings, installation of new LED lighting, introduction of energy management systems
  • Dissemination of the project results and lessons learnt via website (, media coverage, presentations on the national and international level, final project conference in Paris in December 2015
  • The final publishable report, including testimonial of the business parks involved in the project, can be found online:

Lessons learned

  • Although very different in their historical development, economic focus and structure all business parks have shown high potentials for energy savings.
  • During the phase of data collection in the goEco project it became obvious that lack of relevant information is most common. This is probably one of the major problems to be highlighted as a result of this project and certainly a result of lack of energy management systems as well as energy monitoring tools in general. This is one of the key factors to achieve progress in energy efficiency measures and CO2 reduction.
  • One of the more unexpected findings of the goEco project was that the situation in the business parks changes very fast and is quite unstable and therefore the payback period of different energy saving measures has to be very low in order to be implemented. This is due to continuous change due to growing and collapsing businesses, new or changing tenants etc.
  • Communication with the business parks can be difficult and lengthy due to complex structures, many different key actors, lack of relevant data or obstacles with gathering of sensible data etc. Decision-makers and companies of business parks naturally focus on economic development and often lack understanding or capacity and know-how for energy efficiency tasks (apart from facility management).
  • The chances of a co-operative approach or a common procurement are rising if the BPhas a central park management. In any case, the willingness of companies is limited.

Partners and coordinator

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Berliner EnergieagenturGmbH
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Achim Neuhäuser
+49 30 – 29 33 30 601


In brief

01/01/2013 to 31/12/2015
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