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Promoting the Uptake of Gaseous Vehicle Fuels, Biogas and Natural Gas in Europe (GASHIGHWAY)

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This project aims at promoting the uptake of gaseous vehicle fuels (biomethane and compressed natural gas), by creating a network of filling stations for biomethane and CNG spanning Europe from the north, Finland and Sweden, to the south, Italy (the "GasHighWay"). This objective will be reached by involving filling stations owners, operators of vehicle fleets, existing and potential biogas producers and municipal and regional authorities. The project activities will include: - promoting the implementation and expansion of distribution systems for gaseous vehicle fuels by e.g. mapping the optimal locations for gas filling stations and supporting the expansion of networks of gas filling stations, - promoting the uptake of gas vehicle fleets by offering information and support to operators of potential gas vehicle fleets - providing information and support to potential and existing biogas producers in order to boost the investment projects, - creating a roadmap for the European GasHighWay, and - raising the awareness on the use of these alternative fuels.


  • In total 23 gas refueling stations have been promoted with direct technical support and feasibility studies. Many of these cases are on investment stage, and if all the cases will be realized, this would mean an investment of at least 7 million euros
  • More than 40 company fleet operators have been supported to uptake gas vehicles. This includes more than 300 buses, waste disposal collectors, trucks and light duty vehicles. The operators have gained substantial information regarding the gas vehicles. For example Czech Post has an interest to obtain 412 methane driven vehicles, meaning around 4 million euros investment.
  • In addition more than 20 cases for biogas production and upgrading have been actively supported through the GasHighWay-project. If realized, these would contribute to investments of more than 80 million euros
  • The GasHighWay project has produced several valuable tools, publications, and user friendly map solutions to show to company fleet operators and private persons that gas vehicles are reasonable, cheap and environment friendly alternative and today’s technology that is ready to be used. An example of a produced software is the EcoFleet Scan tool that can be used to calculate the economic and environmental impact of gas vehicles for example in company vehicle fleet.
  • The long-term strategic output of this project will be the establishment of a comprehensive network of filling stations for biomethane and CNG covering Europe from north to south (from Finland and Sweden to Italy), as well as the removal of the unfavourable and/or inadequate policies, standards and regulations regarding these fuels

Lessons learned

  • 1. Legislation is essential when promoting the uptake of gaseous fuels and gas vehicles. If the legislation is changing all the time then the promotion is difficult and the investors are sceptical.
  • 2. Continuous communicating to key decision-makers and local authorities is needed to hinder the market barriers in the development of the gas refuelling and biogas production/upgrading infrastructure.
  • 3. The public opinion on gas vehicle market as well as the majority of the facts on gaseous fuels and gas vehicles are very positive. One proof of this great interest have been that all organised events have gained many participators. But still a lot of knowledge transfer is needed to support people’s trust. Last update: 04.11.11

Partners and coordinator

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Technology Centre Hermia Ltd.
Contact point: 
Mirva Seppänen
+358 40 820 4602
Mrs Annimari Lehtomäki


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01/04/2009 to 30/03/2012
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