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Foundry energy efficiency benchmarking (FOUNDRYBENCH)

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Foundries are energy intensive production units, where adoption of the best energy solutions offers great energy saving potential. The overall goal of Foundrybench is to foster energy efficiency and rational energy use in the metal casting sector. The project will involve directly helping at least 15 participating foundries to improve their energy efficiency by providing them with clear information on their energy use and energy flows. A pool of energy saving options generated through these energy analyses will be described in a guide to the best energy saving solutions for foundries. An online database to reach a wider foundry sector audience will be launched. An Energy Efficiency Index for the metal casting industry, taking into consideration the production technology and product type, will be developed. Foundrybench will actively promote the benchmarking results among foundries and policy makers to improve the foundry industry’s energy performance. The project consortium consists of 8 partners from Finland, Sweden, Germany, UK, Spain, France and Poland. The partners are recognised consultants, research institutes and foundry industry associations.


  • Foundrybench will raise the awareness of opportunities to reduce energy use and stimulate the spread of best practices for energy efficiency improvement in the foundry sector.
  • Foundrybench will develop a good practice guide and database of the best energy saving practices in foundries, containing practical information on energy saving solutions and their effect on energy consumption and costs.
  • Foundrybench will develop a well-targeted foundry-specific benchmarking tool, based on uniform and professional assessment of foundry energy use that can be applied throughout different foundry or product types and climatic conditions
  • Foundrybench will create a common foundry energy efficiency audit system for European foundries

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Technology Centre Hermia Ltd.
Contact point: 
Mirva Seppänen
+358 40 820 4602
Mrs Annimari Lehtomäki


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01/01/2009 to 31/12/2011
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