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Financing Instruments trough National Association Networking in Countries of Europe (FINANCE)

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The FINANCE project enhances the role of the national energy agencies' associations both in EU Member States and accession countries by facilitating networking and exchange of experience on fundraising practices, the financing of intelligent energy projects, the management of agencies, and energy policies. The project also encourages the creation of associations in the EU member and accession states where they still do not exist through a series of measures. Overall, this approach creates synergies between local and regional energy agencies within accession countries as well as between their associations within the whole of Europe. In order to render the agencies' work more operative and efficient


  • Enhanced communication, co-operation and information exchange between national associations of energy agencies in Europe.
  • Creation of a National Secretariat for each national association which develops, promotes and monitors the progress of energy policies, and spreads best practices and project results among their associates
  • Collection of the most relevant initiatives and practices to obtain funds and finance activities of energy agencies,
  • National conferences and meetings
  • Information exchange between members, citizens, administrations and energy actors.

Lessons learned

  • Energy Associations cannot be operative without personal devoted fulltime to association activities
  • In most of cases there is a lack of internal marketing of the association. Public authorities are not aware of associations and their activities
  • Small Energy Agencies (local and municipal) benefit of being involved in the association in different ways such as (information exchange, participation in international projects and networking.

Partners and coordinator

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Asociación de Agencias Españolas de Gestión de la Energía
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Guillermo Basañez-Unanue


In brief

01/01/2005 to 31/12/2006
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