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Family Intelligent Energy Saving Targeted Action (FIESTA)

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European consumers need to be supported to adopt more sustainable consumption behaviour in their daily life. FIESTA aims to lead families with children to save energy at home, acting both on their energy consumption behaviour and on their purchasing decisions. As the need for cooling is a growing issue to be faced urgently, the project focuses on cooling and heating solutions which offer significant domestic saving potential. With the support of 20 partners (6 technical partners and 14 municipalities), FIESTA involves 5 countries with a Mediterranean climate that require extensive use of air conditioning systems such as Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus.Energy Help Desks will be established in the municipalities providing support and door to door energy audits for families. These will be engaged in the project activities by means of specific actions towards schools, social housing residents, heating and cooling retailers and installers. To attract additional beneficiaries, several FIESTA lotteries will be organized and consumers’ purchasing groups will be created to foster families’ investments.


  • A comprehensive package of tools essential for the Energy Help Desk’s performance has been realized which includes: the FIESTA Energy Efficiency Guide for Households, the Guidebook for FIESTA advisors, the Energy Advisory Spreadsheet and a set of FIESTA Animations (available in 5 different languages)
  • FIESTA has trained 28 energy advisors in a dedicated common session on the basis of the Guidebook for FIESTA advisors
  • FIESTA has established a total of 14 Energy Help Desks (EHDs) in the participating cities. Their core activity will be performing 2.100 home energy audits (150 energy audits per city). In addition several supporting measures will be developed, including: 224 workshops for schools, 28 workshops for social housing residents, 14 workshops for heating and cooling retailers and installers, as well as 14 FIESTA energy efficiency lotteries and 14 local Consumer Purchasing Groups (CPG) agreements.
  • Around 700.000 people will be informed about the project and, thanks to the active involvement of the European Association ICLEI, 3.000 local authorities will be informed about the project and from these, circa 30 local authorities will commit to replicate the FIESTA model
  • Thanks to the home energy audits and other activities developed by the 14 EHDs, cumulative investments in highly energy-efficient heating and cooling system made by households are expected to reach €0,5 M and FIESTA’s actions will lead to 328 toe/year in (primary) domestic energy savings, and 1,130 tCO2 reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. FIESTA is also expected to trigger RES production (134 toe/year).

Lessons learned

During the first half of the project FIESTA’s partners have been very much involved in communication activities aiming at attracting people to the offered services. This is what has been learned so far:
  • EHDs must be placed in the most visible and accessible spot in the Municipality
  • FIESTA stands visibility should be maximized by going out on public spaces and choosing events with high concentration of people
  • Considering audits by the customers point of view and highlight the benefits families can gain: saving energy, money and winning interesting prizes
  • Consumer associations and building managers should be involved too. They can spread the word about FIESTA’s EHD as a new resource in energy saving and management.

Partners and coordinator

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Consorzio per l'AREA di ricerca scientifica e tecnologica di Trieste
Contact point: 
Fabio Tomasi
+39 040 375 5268


In brief

01/10/2014 to 30/09/2017
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