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Persuasive force of children through education (FEEDU)

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FEEDU was an educational project carried out in 9 European countries by 13 regional energy advice centres aimed at teachers and pupils of primary schools in order to obtain consciousness and results about renewable energy sources, rational use of energy and mobility. The FEEDU project tested educational tools and experiences in 154 schools, by 450 teachers and the participation of 9000 pupils in the implied regions and disseminated them for a broad use in primary schools. Teachers were trained in energy education, they received the methodology and the necessary educational tools and experiences related to energy and mobility issues. A project-based learning plan in schools for a school year has the objective to changing attitudes of the pupils and their parents with respect to their energy consumption and mobility. They tested and evaluated relevant tools and put them at disposal of primary schools. Finally, open workshops were organized for teachers and energy educators in order to integrate energy education in the primary school system.


  • Test of educational tools and experiences in 130 schools, by 380 teachers and with the participation of 7500 pupils
  • Raising awareness of children at their school and at home and try to change their attitude
  • Training for teachers in energy education, in order to set up project work in the class during a year
  • Exchanging experiences and methods in energy education for primary schools
  • The integration of energy education in the primary school system

Lessons learned

  • Offering the teachers the necessary methodology and educational tools has revealed to be a necessary step forward to have a more active participation of teachers themselves;
  • Teachers can themselves set up project based work in the class during a school year, if trained;
  • If educational tools are made clear by guidelines, exercises and best practices, then teachers can easily integrate energy education into the regular school learning program.

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Le Centre Urbain/Stadswinkel asbl
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Lonfils Nicodeme
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01/01/2005 to 31/08/2007
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