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Biogas Production from Agricultural Wastes in European Farms (FARMAGAS)

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FARMAGAS aims to promote anaerobic digestion of agricultural wastes in European farms, through know-how dissemination and knowledge transfer to farmers in New Member States selected for their high potential for biogas production. The project is based on the results of the successful running Collective Research project AGROBIOGAS, which has developed useful materials and information for farmers about the potential of their agricultural wastes and different crops to produce biogas. These results are used by the Farmagas consortium, composed of a group of key partners of Agrobiogas and interested farmers associations from the three target countries: Romania, Hungary and Poland. Using the existing infrastructure and training facilities of the farmers association, training and dissemination activities are performed in local farms in order to promote anaerobic digestion of agricultural wastes. Since this can be done both in small agricultural units and in centralised co-digestion units, Farmagas also promotes the formation of biogas energy clusters among farmers. The results will be further disseminated in other Member States with similar characteri


  • Compilation of valuable, relevant and country specific information and training materials on biogas production at farm level, based on tools and guidelines developed in the project Agrobiogas.
  • More than 300 farmers trained on biogas production at farm level in Hungary, Poland and Romania. 12 farmers planning to start biogas production following the training.
  • Conclusion of preliminary agreements with relevant bodies in the target countries to continue training and dissemination activities after the end of the project.
  • More than 100 representatives of regional and local authorities involved in workshops to facilitate exchanges between biogas key actors and pertinent policy-makers.
  • National information campaigns targeting main key actors (farmers, developers, local and regional authorities, technology providers, etc.) in the target countries.

Lessons learned

  • There is a large potential for increasing the agricultural-based biogas production in the target countries, and a high level of interest by farmers, decision makers and technology suppliers. In order for this potential to be exploited, the main barriers to be tackled relate to administrative procedures and funding.
  • In relation to the administrative procedures, the necessary steps for applying and achieving the required environmental permissions to establish a biogas plant should be clear to both potential investors and to local authorities. Procedures for electricity or gas grid connection should be less time-consuming.
  • Specific conditions for getting financial should be clear to potential investors. Establishment of a biogas plant involves large investment costs and therefore long term certainty about the investment is necessary. Last update: 05.11.11

Partners and coordinator

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Technology Transfer Centre Bremerhaven
An der Karlstadt 6
27568 Bremerhaven
Contact point: 
Dr. Schories
+49-(0) 4719448702


In brief

01/06/2009 to 31/05/2011
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