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European Young Energy Manager Championship (EYEMAN CHAMPIONSHIP)

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The basic idea was to organise and execute a stimulating and motivating international competition for awarding the best European Young Energy Manager Team. 6 international teams were set up composed of students of all the 9 involved European countries. The teams were challenged with a task of energy management in the places where they spend most of their time: schools and homes. The championship started after an energy training of teachers and students and concluded with the EYE Manager Award which was won by the team obtaining the greatest economic savings. The project included a "peer to peer transfer": EYE-students trained other students concerning energy using products, energy saving behaviours and energy managerial criteria. EYE-teachers transfered the curricula and education tools and methods developed to their colleagues.


  • Competence building in energy management skills for students and teachers on real case studies. The students learned about energy eficiency and renewable energy measures and were instructed in preparing an energy audit for their school buildings and private homes making a pool of 36 case studies.
  • Innovative didactic teaching methodology with an international dimension which is available in the EYEManager Guide for teachers.
  • The teams developed 6 energy saving plans for schools and private homes which were partly implemented and achieved an average decrease in energy consumption of 12% and 11% respectively.

Lessons learned

  • The project approach aimed to establish an international competition not among schools of different countries but among teams composed of students coming from 9 different countries, therefore enabling a dialogue amongst students with different backgrounds. This exchange was important and stimulating for the students with positive results in terms of knowledge of the energy situation in Europe and the transnational dimension of energy and environmental issues.
  • It is important to know what other similar European projects or initiatives have been developed in order to learn about important lessons and useful tools. We strongly believe that co-operation of different kind of experts gives a great potential and provides added value and mutual benefit.Also the dissemination capacity was increased by the successfully networking with a series of other IEE projects and international initiatives.
  • It is important to combine competencies of energy technicians and teachers in order to develop effective teaching material for students. The teachers must be considered as the main engine to innovate and improve the didactic offer of the involved schools not only during the project activities but also beyond the project end, ensuring the follow up of the project results.

Partners and coordinator

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Agenzia per l'Energia e l'Ambiente della Provincia di Perugia
Contact point: 
Sara Massoli
0039 075 5170824
Francesca Pignattini
+39/075 517 0824


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01/09/2008 to 28/02/2011
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