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Eurocontract - European Platform for the Promotion of Energy Performance Contracting (EUROCONTRACT)

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Energy efficiency in buildings leads to budgetary savings and contributes to climate protection and the security of energy supply. However, more than 20 percent of economically realizable energy savings remain untapped. This potentially large market could be effectively realised using energy services such as Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). In an EPC project, an Energy Service Company (ESCO) provides its know-how and takes on the performance risk to ensure that adequate measures are implemented; that the stipulated energy savings are achieved. The investment is refinanced through the savings achieved. EUROCONTRACT aims to have more EPC projects implemented in Europe by providing project development standards and implementing pilot projects. At the same time, know how and information on EPC is provided, as is an exchange among market actors. Where EPC has already been established, the model is being further developed, linked to other instruments such as Facility Management, or is expanded in its scope to include comprehensive refurbishing measures.


  • Development of manuals on additional models and support: - EPC + White Certification - Quality Standards - Comprehensive Refurbishment & link to Facility Management - Norms /Certification - Financing
  • Intensive dialogue with market actors - Building owners - Financial sector - ESCOs
  • Capacity building and ‘train the trainers’. Model contracts for EPC in the participating countries. Increased awareness, know-how and exchange in the EU on EPC. Over 100 events organised and attended. Over 2,000 participants in these events, among these about 60 are new EPC experts.
  • Pilot projects - Over 360 buildings screened - 30 more concrete projects received further support - 17 resulted in concrete EPC projects: implemented or under preparation - About 1 million square meters - Energy cost baseline of almost 10 million Euros annually - Estimated energy savings between 10% and over 25%

Lessons learned

  • EPC has the potential to become a regular choice among building owners for energy efficiency measures. Necessity to bring in the customer view while understanding the ESCO view. Approach of customer orientation and transparency of procedures is crucial. Processes need to be regionally adapted, notwithstanding the fact that they are based on proven successes (e.g. Austria, Germany, and Sweden).
  • Standard documents must be made available; these should be organised in a modular system, with standard offers and flexible parts. Requests for comprehensive refurbishment measures will increase in the future; however, the market seems not to be ready yet. The support for good practice examples and their spreading is essential. There is also a need for provisions on evaluation and monitoring projects, where no harmonised approach is used or currently usable.
  • Continuous and more support for project development is needed to work on the information and capacity further, and to keep the momentum gained in the project. The market does not evolve without support in all countries. Suggestions for market transformation are grant programs for project development, promotion of success stories and model documents, training of building owners etc.

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Berliner EnergieagenturGmbH
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Laurenz Hermann
+ 49 30 – 29 33 30 69
Eva Marx
+49 30 – 29 33 30 67
Vanessa Schmidt
+49 30 – 29 33 30 63
Achim Neuhäuser
+49 30 – 29 33 30 601
Claudia Alt
+49 30 – 29 33 30 36
David Uong
+49 30 – 29 33 30 603


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2007
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