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Thousands of refrigerators, TVs, cars and all kind of energy consuming equipment are available on the market. Consumers cannot compare and chose judiciously: no information available, no time, too difficult …Thanks to Topten websites, consumers can now find best products by a simple click. In June 2010, 15 websites are on-line presenting more than 180 product categories. By the end of the year, there will be 16 Topten websites on-line, informing consumers on best products available on their local markets. The websites are promoted thanks to communication activities towards the media in order to attract numerous visitors, which in turn give us strength to organise a dialogue with manufacturers at European level, set ambitious criteria for product selection and advise large-scale buyers (public procurement) and governments developing policies on efficient products.


  • 16 Topten websites presenting best products in a variety of fields (home appliances, office equipment, cars, etc.), selected for their energy performance – including market monitoring activities.
  • Increasing product categories displayed at the websites.
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Extensive communication activities targeting the general media, large-scale public and private buyers and public authorities.

Lessons learned

  • The Topten network estimates that the specific electricity consumption could be reduced by 30 to 50%, provided appliances as well as purchasing and user behaviours continue to improve. A study carried out for 4 products (refrigerators, washing machines, computer displays, cars) in 4 European countries shows that consumers are able to save money by purchasing the Topten models when considering costs over the life-cycle of an appliance in most cases.
  • • Involving product retailers proved to be difficult in most of the countries. However, in the cases in which it was possible to work more closely to retailers, it was found that advice to consumers in the point of sale was rather effective.
  • The project was successful in developing and regularly updating the 16 Topten national websites (7 new websites, and update of 9 existing websites) and the European Topten website "Best products in Europe". Overall, these websites include good quality information and advice to consumers on 11069 energy efficient products.

Partners and coordinator

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French Environment and Energy Management Agency
Contact point: 
Kreitz Therese
Ms Marjolaine Pont
+33 (0)1 47 65 21 19
Therese Kreitz
+33 4 9395 7984


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23/12/2008 to 22/12/2011
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