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Reducing energy consumption: making efficient products the normal and best choice for consumers, retailers and manufacturers (EURO-TOPTEN)

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Thousands of refrigerators, TVs, cars and other kinds of energy-consuming equipment are available on the market. Consumers cannot compare and chose judiciously: no information available, there's no time, it's too difficult… But thanks to the TOPTEN websites, consumers will be able to find the best products by a simply clicking a mouse. TOPTEN websites are to be created, each providing a selection of the best appliances from an energy point of view. The information targets consumers using photos, describing functions, availability, and listing prices. No complex calculations are involved. The sites are neutral in that there is no influence from manufacturers. They are rigorous and transparent: the selection methodology is explained online. The websites are to be promoted via the media. High traffic will in turn give us strength to talk with manufacturers at a European level, setting ambitious criteria for product selection and advising large buyers in the public procurement field, as well as and policy makers, on efficient products. The project teams comprise energy specialists, environmental NGOs and consumer associations.


  • By April 2008, 14 TOPTEN websites were online, listing hundreds of products in more than 50 categories (household appliances, office equipment, consumer electronics, lighting and cars).
  • This work is supported by the portal, which has been promoted through articles in print media, radio and TV, press releases, and fairs. In 2007 there were more than 50 000 visitors per month in average.
  • More than 50 partnerships have been developed with retailers and large-scale buyers – notably public procurers.
  • In September 2008, the results of a competition for the best promotion campaign on energy-efficient TOPTEN products will be announced at the EURO-TOPTEN exhibition.

Lessons learned

  • Topten is a concept that goes far beyond presenting information on a website. The various activities reinforce each other with the ultimate goal to encourage and accelerate the design, marketing and buying of super efficient appliances and equipment within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Target groups are responding very positively: e.g. 900.000 of visitors with 27 Mio hits in Switzerland last year, the city of Zurich is buying systematically from the Topten-selection, in France the main TVs and press have reported the presentation of the car and household categories, partners as electrical utilities, consumer and environmental organisations are multiplying the impact of Topten.
  • Topten is an open platform. For example, Quercus in Portugal has developed a Topten project in cooperation with the Euro-Topten project; new countries can join us at any time.

Partners and coordinator

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Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie
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0033 0 4 93 95 79 96
Didier Bosseboeuf
0033 1 47652355
Jacques-Olivier Budin
0033 2 41 91 41 65
Therese Kreitz
Edgar Blaustein
0033 14765 2450


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01/01/2006 to 31/10/2008
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