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"EUREMplus: Boost Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing SMEs by Extending European EnergyManager Training and Network" (EUREMPLUS)

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EUREM is a standardised European EnergyManager training program comprising courses, self-learning and practical work, combined with access to the European alumni network for continued knowledge exchange. Since 2003 EUREM has been offered regularly, counting now more than 4,000 alumni.On average, each EnergyManager develops measures with savings potentials of 750 MWh/a for his company during the course. About 80% of these get implemented and further ones are carried out later on.The project EUREMplus aims at making this program available to more companies, especially SME from the manufacturing industries sector, to enable them to increase energy efficiency and competitiveness.To achieve this, we will
  1. transfer the training to 6 new countries (BG, CY, HR, MK, PL, RO)
  2. survey alumni, focusing on responses from SME and certain industry sectors.
  3. increase attractiveness and usefulness especially for SME with new elements
  4. facilitate access to existing sector-specific information, tools and benchmarks and develop some new ones
  5. elaborate options for an appropriate future setup (legal, organisational, financial) of the EUREM Consortium.


The expected results by the end of the project are:
  • European EnergyManager Training established in 6 additional countries (BG, CY, HR, MK, PL, RO). 90 first trainees identify 33,750 MWh/a energy savings for their companies in energy concepts developed during course (Calculated on a: conservative assumption of 375 MWh/a per participant; historic implementation rate: 80%). 90 trainees and 33,750 MWh/a savings from courses in AT, CZ & DE without co-funding from the project.
  • Course modalities adjusted to SME needs (e.g. pilot distance-learning option and others based on survey results) and suitable awareness-raising and promotion activities used (2 EUREM SME award competitions; 9 SME testimonial video-clips; 2 EUREM conferences with special sessions on SME issues and reduced participation fee for SME - 200 participants each). Result: 50% of EUREM participants coming from SME and a generally higher knowledge of energy management issues and solutions among SME.
  • Sector specific information for 10 manufacturing sectors provided (10 sector corners on website bundling and creating easy access to available material from a variety of sources, 5 sector factsheets produced and disseminated, relevant best practices from course participants accessible, special conference sessions with sectoral topics) and appropriate awareness-raising measures deployed.
  • Sustainable continuation and further improvement of EUREM programme after project lifetime ensured by transforming the existing EUREM Consortium with a governance model suitable for effective handling of increasing number of training providers. Additional tools on online platform facilitate course and information management for training providers. Result: EUREM courses offered in ¾ of EU Member States.

Lessons learned

Up to now the project partner are very satisfied with the already achieved results. In all of the new partner countries the first trainings could be startet.The lessons learnt so far are following:
  • The project partner made good experience with a shared personal profile (Word document) of the involved persons of the EUREMplus project. If there is a change of people in charge, the document is updated and sent to all project partners. In this way, we ensure a smoothly and fast communication among all nine partner institutions.
  • Adaption and translation of training materials is a time consuming task. Some training providers had problems to keep the time schedule because of delays in translating the training documents. It is necessary to provide an adequate time window for these tasks.
  • The model of assign to each new training provider an experienced EUREM partner, who does an individual coaching and consulting, turned out to be a suitable mean to handle arising questions and problems about training implementation.

Partners and coordinator

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Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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Robert Schmidt


In brief

01/05/2013 to 31/10/2015
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