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European Plastics Converting Industry Voluntary Long-Term Agreement on Energy Efficiency (EUPLASTVOLTAGE)

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The plastics converting industry is composed of 50,000 SMEs and 1.6 million employees spread across the 27 Member States. This implies that these companies do not have enough assets, human resources or knowledge to improve their energy efficiency. However, this industry is willing to actively participate in the Climate Action of the European Union through its strong associative network in Europe. Moreover, there is strong pressure to strengthen competitiveness and sustainability of the European plastics converting by the sector itself. The objective of this project is to prepare a voluntary agreement for the European plastics converting industry. This action will bring together experience and best practices at national and industry levels, with the aim to create a long-term agreement at European level. Amongst others, energy saving target as well as the type of voluntary agreement will be analysed during the project. The project will base part of its activities on previous or ongoing IEE projects - in particular RECIPE and ENER-Plast for the sector - in order to build on best practice.


  • The first achievement the project delivered is to finish the pre-study work package. This work gave the possibility to gather important information for the following work packages.
  • CThe impact assessment has been finalised in the work package three. This important study gives the tools to tailor an effective voluntary agreement scheme to the targeted industry.
  • The monitoring procedures have been finalised by the consortium. This important part of the project already gives some indication on the implementation of the voluntary agreement.
  • The negotiations on the design of the voluntary agreement will now start based on the work done up to now.
  • An important results is that the industry and authorities (local and Commission) are getting aware that the plastics converting industry is working on a voluntary agreement. Positive feedbacks and interests have been received by the stakeholders

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European Plastics Converters
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Mr Antonino Furfari
+ 32 2 732 41 24


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01/06/2009 to 31/05/2011
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