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Efficient trading of biomass fuels and analysis of fuel supply chains and business models for market actors by networking (EUBIONETII)

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EUBIONET II gives a clear outlook on the current and future biomass fuel market trends, collects feedback on the CEN 335 biofuel standards from different market actors and analyses techno-economic potential of the biomass fuel volumes until 2010. Co-operation is done with forest industry stakeholders to find proper balance between industrial raw material and bioenergy use. 30 different solid biofuel supply chains will be analysed, and the most suitable trading and business models for small- and large-scale biofuel supply chains for heat and power production will be selected by taking into account the environmental aspects and sustainability. Implementation of EU Directives in the member states, analysis on legislative differences and the major driving forces related to biomass markets is analysed in EU25. Target groups are biomass fuel traders and users, fuel producers and suppliers of different scales, policy makers. Key associations, i.e. AEBIOM and CEPI, are participating in the project and disseminating information to various groups.


  • To give a clear outlook of current and future biomass fuel market trends in Europe (summary report under preparation and 15 national reports published)
  • To give feedback on the suitability of CEN 335 biofuel standard for trading of biofuels (47 interviews carried out and draft report sent for comments)
  • To analyse, select and describe the most suitable trading and business models for small and large scale biofuel supply chains for heat and power production by taking into account the environmental aspects and sustainability (fact sheets of 30 chains, guide with recommendations (work has started in November 2006)
  • To analyse the current European trends in bioenergy policies related to electricity and heat production. The focus is on European legislation and its implementation in the Member States (summary report and national reports published and one workshop organised)
  • To enhance biomass use and biomass fuel trade and technology transfer by co-operation and information dissemination with different market actors in the fuel-utilisation chain (events, articles, papers in conferences, articles in journals, training programmes, study tours, listing technology providers, traders)

Lessons learned

  • Role of two associations; AEBIOM with 28 member organisations and CEPI with good contacts to forest based sector has been essential in communication and dissemination and also co-operation with IEA Bioenergy Task 40 has been fruitful and productive.
  • EUBIONET II is network, which have achieved a brand name in the European bioenergy sector and it is important source of market information on bioenergy. A long co-operation with partners and contacts to broad market sector has been made possible to achieve the targets of the project.
  • Versatile selection of different information tools (events, articles, flyers, fact sheets, study tours, training materials) has guaranteed efficient dissemination during the project to different stakeholders. Last updated: 24.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Contact point: 
Eija Alakangas
+358 20 722 2550
Arvo Leinonen
00358 20 722 2677
+358 40 571 0364


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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2007
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