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Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting (ESOLI)

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ESOLi aims at increasing the awareness of intelligent street lighting and accelerating the use of the technologies across Europe. The consortium will implement actions to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in outdoor lighting, establish innovative financing schemes, transfer knowledge within the EU, establish a transnational network of key actors and improve the market conditions for energy service companies. Building on the previous E-Street initiative, ESOLi should contribute to increase the number of intelligent light points in the EU, involve new end users and provide them with appropriate information. Also, trainings will be offered to street lighting operators and other relevant target groups. Finally, the consortium will deal with standardisation issues and develop guidelines for new installations and contracts, for an easier implementation of intelligent systems in outdoor lighting.


  • Increasing the rate of implementations of best available technology and accelerating innovations in outdoor lighting by promoting new installations and therefore contributing to more adaptive light points.
  • Knowledge transfer from countries experienced in adaptive road and street lighting to countries with very little adaptive outdoor light points.
  • Reduction of the lack of information regarding end users, decision makers and consultants.
  • Establishment of a comprehensive network of key actors on national and European level to benefit from broader dissemination channels and to achieve a significant market transformation.
  • Improvement of market conditions for energy service companies (ESCOs) particularly for ESCOs active in new member states via the exchange of information on best practices (contracting) and via assisting municipalities in the tenders of their street lighting.

Lessons learned

  • A high public interest in the topic can be observed in the partner countries, but a lack of information and high specific costs for adaptive lighting are hampering the installation of ISL systems.
  • The financial situations, energy prices and the financing schemes are so different per country that it is very hard to combine them in a scheme that can be used Europe-wide.
  • The key to success is to make the technical solutions simple and robust and the savings transparent.

Partners and coordinator

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Berliner Energieagentur GmbH
Contact point: 
Gunnar Betz
+49 30 293330-13
Ms Sabine Piller
Eva Marx
Ms Vanessa Schmidt


In brief

19/04/2010 to 18/04/2013
Contract number: 

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