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ESCO Service Centre (ESCOSC)

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The Province of North Holland has high ambitions on sustainable development both from an economic as an environmental point of view. In this quest for a sustainable economy many parties are involved. In climate agreements these parties underline their ambition to achieve CO2 emission reduction targets. Despite the involvement of the actors it remains difficult to realise sustainable projects in the built environment on a large scale. The most important challenge is to arrange the necessary long term financing. Energy Service Company (ESCO) models could be the answer to these challenges. Especially for small organisations, setting up an ESCO is not an easy task. Specific knowledge and expertise is required on technical solutions, business models, financing and legal aspects. The Province of North Holland has setup several initiatives in the field of sustainable development. The ‘CO2-Servicepunt’ is a very important actor in stimulating private parties and local authorities to invest in sustainable development. The province of North Holland wants to use this extensive experience with regional programs to set up an Energy Service Company Service Centre (ESCOSC). The ESCOSC will be the province’s central advisory body on the setup of ESCO’s. The focus of ESCOSC is on project support and realise financing of these projects.


  • Supporting the realisation of ESCO models should lead to an investment of at least €24.000.000.
  • At least 9 projects are brought to financial closure Standard business model, contracts and financial constructions are developed and available for all parties within the province and abroad; consequently, actors in the build environment are interested in the ESCO solution and able to find all the necessary information
  • The main barriers on sustainable development (circle of blame, split incentives, focus on investment instead of TCO) are broken down and state of the art business models have been worked out for municipalities and social housing corporations and applicable for other projects
  • dissemination of the findings and lessons learned regarding the partnerships within the projects as commonly applicable concepts. The findings and lessons learned regarding the activities carried out with the common goal of mobilisation of the investments within the investment projects will be communicated and disseminated through workshops and reports for the relevant target groups
  • With the end of the project, ESCO solutions are no longer an exotic constructions, but mainstream solutions to tackle the challenges in sustainable development and the Province of North Holland will be the guide for the Dutch sustainable construction sector

Lessons learned

  • For further details please refer to the project website.

Partners and coordinator

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Provincie Noord-HollandNetherlands


Provincie Noord-Holland
Contact point: 
Pim van Herk
+31 (0) 23 – 5 143 691


In brief

28/03/2013 to 27/03/2016
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