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The project ESCOLIMBURG2020 deals with the translation of the ambition of the province of Limburg (Belgium) to become climate neutral by 2020 to the local Limburg context focussing on accelerating, province wide, large scale retrofitting (energy efficiency and renewable energy) of the public building stock of the 44 municipalities and the province itself.The project aims to accelerate and up-scale the concrete implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in the public building stock by making use of an ESCO-model, relieving the local authorities from complex investment processes.In 2010, the provincial energy grid operator Infrax started with an experimental ESCO-offer, but is now experiencing difficulties in enlarging and structuring this new service. This service is necessary to meet the amount and the complexity of projects already ordered by the municipalities. The ESCO offer consists in the management of the whole energy retrofitting process on behalf of the municipality, from the feasibility analysis to the tendering and implementation of the works. The investments are either paid upfront by the municipality or deferred.The project will develop the capacity of Infrax’s ESCO-department (financial & technical engineering, working processes, templates contracts…) in order to deliver large-scale investments of an estimated €19.8m. In parallel, municipalities will be engaged through the definition of detailed renovation plans for their building stocks, leading to the signature of contracts with Infrax.


  • 40 Local authorities with a customized Retrofit and Renewables action plan for their public building stock
  • Development and roll-out of a performing ESCO-model taking into account scaling, bundling, repeatability, quality, comfort for the end user, cost efficiency, cost transparency, communicability of the processes, improved collaboration, allocation of risks etc.
  • Bundling of province wide total energy investments of 19.837.230 €, supported by the ESCOLIMBURG2020 project
  • Achieving a reduction of GHG emissions of 19.504 tons of CO2e/year and at least 4.352 MWh/year of energy savings / 2.170 MWh/year of renewable energy
  • ‘Future proofing’ the construction sector through capacity building (affecting growth of the number of skilled actors in the construction sector, promoting the generation of new green jobs related to the implementation of energy facilities estimated a total amount of 100).

Lessons learned

  • For further details please refer to the project website.

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Province of Limburg
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01/04/2013 to 31/03/2016
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