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Energy Strategic Asset Management in Social Housing Operators in Europe (ESAM)

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Social housing managers have thousands of dwellings on their books, many of which require better energy-retrofitting. They need help identifying the energy investments which offer the best return. This project aimed to develop methodologies and information systems supporting energy certification, energy diagnoses and energy-retrofitting strategies.


  • Development of concepts for the integration of energy in strategic asset management.
  • Development of an information system for integrating energy in a strategic diagnosis of the housing stock, including strategies for energy retrofitting of housing stock.
  • Identification and classification of building typologies in each housing stock and analysis of retrofitting strategies by typology.
  • The methodologies are being applied and tested in selected pilot sites in six countries, involving over 20 000 apartments.

Lessons learned

  • The importance of differences between national regulations, for social housing as well as for energy performance. This has entailed the impossibility to develop common tools as initially planned. The personal situations of each SHO are directly linked to both nature of the organism (public / private) and to the nature of the final decision makers (public authorities, SHO itself, private owners).
  • Energy saving commitments of the European Union, of the states and the local powers is beginning to be translated into practical requirements for the market actors. As a consequence, tools that improve the transparency of decisions regarding energy and visibility for affordable solutions are becoming necessary. That is why the solutions envisaged by the ESAM project by the beginning of the project are even more interesting by the end of the project.
  • SHOs’ managers, who are maybe representative of SME, still consider energy as a secondary issue. ESAM project outputs will contribute to change this way of considering environmental issue as it shows to the top management that they can improve their environmental footprint. However, in order to be really helpful, ESAM tools had to fit the reality of the decision making process. That is why most of the partners opted for an “ESAM after SAM” tool.

Partners and coordinator

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Developpement Etudes pour le Logement, la Promotion de l'Habitat, l'Innovation et le Social
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Julien Bonnet
Francis Deplace
0033 1 56 08 54 24


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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