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EPOMM - Partners Learning Urban Sustainability (EPOMM PLUS)

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EPOMM-PLUS aims to achieve a quantum leap in the use of mobility management in Europe. It establishes EPOMM (the European Platform On Mobility Management) as the authority and the networking instrument for the promotion of mobility management in Europe, thus strengthening EU cooperation and dissemination in this field. EPOMM is an EU network of Ministries or appointed agencies responsible for mobility management. EPOMM-PLUS will help that mobility management will be integrated in national transport policies by transferring good practices and supporting local pioneers by developing national networks The current network of EPOMM member states (UK, NL, ES, FR, AT, SE) will be expanded to four other states with some mobility management activity (BE, IT, DE, FI) and 10 states with minimal experience. Most are New Member States where alternative mobility measures complement EU Structural Funds investment in infrastructure or services as an alternative to the unprecedented growth in private car ownership. EPOMM national focal points and network initiators, which are organisations with an overview over relevant actions in their countries, will link with EPOMM-PLUS activities.


  • At least 21 EPOMM members and 21 national networks by end-project
  • Mobility Management projects launched in countries as a result of EPOMM-PLUS: increase of 10% in mature countries, 50% increase in others
  • 20 good practice transfers from EU-projects to a national level.
  • Established and maintained easy-to-use city modal split database and the Mobility Management European project evaluation database (MAXSara)
  • 12 successful transfers of knowledge/experience of energy-efficient transport to new players, from country to country, from National Focal Points workshops

Lessons learned

  • The project has started in July 2009.

Partners and coordinator

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European Platform on Mobilty Management
Contact point: 
Ingrid Briesner
+43 316 810 451 30
Mr Karl-Heinz Posch
+43 316 810 451 22


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01/07/2009 to 30/06/2012
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