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Energy Performance Integration in Social Housing, a strategic approach for portfolio management (EPI-SOHO)

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The aim of this project was to develop a flexible implementation technique for cost effective, large scale energy performance assessments in social housing existing stock. Moreover, to embed energy assessment data in policy processes such as social housing management and improve collaboration between local authorities, social housing associations and the private sector on sustainable issues.


  • A generic implementation technique for cost effective large scale energy assessments, needed as a base for policy making and social housing management;
  • A generic implementation technique on embedding energy performance in policy making arena’s and social housing portfolio management;
  • A generic implementation technique for cooperative structures between local authorities, social housing associations and the private sector on sustainable issues;
  • An investigation on institutional barriers for sustainable energy saving strategies per country;
  • Dissemination of the EPI-SoHo results in relevant networks and sectors like the social housing real estate sector, consultancies, architects, tenant organizations, umbrella organizations and (local) national authorities, with special attention to the new European Union member states

Lessons learned

  • EPI SoHo provides a basic protocol, with examples from each country, so every user can deduct the useful elements.
  • Every EPI SoHo partner concluded that EP assessment of the whole building stock is necessary to underpin energy policy choices.
  • Successful energy policy needs an integral approach and a careful process because it affects every level and every part of the SHO: the logic of the EPI SoHo process approach can be of great help while the integral model based on the St Gallen scheme brings the complexity back to comprehensive modules.

Partners and coordinator

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Jeroen Harbers
0031 13 539 99 11


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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