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European Network of Information Centres promoting Energy Sustainability and CO2 reduction among local COMmunities (ENESCOM)

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ENESCOM aimed at enhancing the role of local communities in mitigating climate change by creating a common methodology to promote and develop capacity building in energy sustainability and for the adoption of sustainable energy policies. The main objectives of the project were to create permanent consulting energy info desks as well as to motivate and support local and regional authorities to elaborate their own energy action plans. The project promoted integration, the institutionalization of energy efficiency and the uptake of RES through widespread information and dissemination activities. It also promoted and fostered adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors' initiative.


  • Common reports on energy consumption, CO2 emissions and needs/potentials, local plans and regulations, energy technologies and good practicess in 20 EU regions
  • Support to 64 cities for joining the Covenant of Mayors: meetings with 233 policy makers, elaboration of 58 Sustainable Energy Action Plans according to Covenant’s requirements
  • Launch of 16 local and 12 regional energyinfo points: organisation of training sessions, dissemination of information and organisation of more than 260 awareness-raising activities
  • Launch of 40 sustainable energy measures in the partner regions
  • Elaboration of practical guidelines to ensure replication of the project's approaches, experiences and results also in other contexts

Lessons learned

  • Collection of data for energy analysis proved to be difficult for many involved municipalities: many lack data; for others methodological difficulties occur, since in some cases data collection are mostly at national level; also, when data was available, some errors were also contained within data calculations from the sources. Finally, often local energy utilities do not fully cooperate in providing necessary data. Nevertheless, detection of data is essential to CoM and development of SEAPs.
  • Adhesion of local municipalities to CoM should be supported by specific programs enabling to financially sustain their measures. The testimony of CoM pioneer signatories can be a concrete experience for other municipalities, demonstrating the benefits.
  • To promote energy efficiency and savings and face climate challenges, cooperation is needed at all levels: citizens, policy makers, officers, stakeholders’ involvement is decisive for CoM effectiveness. So, communication, dissemination & sensitization activities prove to be crucial not only to inform but also to change behaviours.

Partners and coordinator

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Unione di Comuni Valle del Samoggia
Contact point: 
Mr. Enrico Vegetti
00 39 051 6710426


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01/06/2010 to 30/11/2012
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