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Strengthening Municipal Action on Renewable Energy in Central America (ENERGYCENTRAL)

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ENERGYCENTRAL is a multi-disciplinary project aimed at supporting the promotion of renewable energy in Central America through the development of local networks, capacity-building, training, awareness-raising and public participation. The project brought together local authorities, universities, businesses, national institutions, NGOs and local civil society groups interested in promoting the adoption of renewable energy systems in Central America. These local networks were further supported by strengthening their linkages to international initiatives and networks for the promotion of renewable energy services. The ENERGYCENTRAL project focus was on Central America with a particular emphasis on existing relationships with partner groups and institutions in Nicaragua. The initial focus was on the municipality of Masaya.


  • The central core of the project has been the development and deployment of three participatory events, two in Nicaragua (in Masaya and Managua) and one in Guatemala (in Guatemala City).
  • The project has collected and disseminated information and training material on best practices, on legislation, on planning energy intervention and on the effects of such intervention.
  • The project has established formal agreements and reinforced long-term partnerships between local municipalities in Nicaragua and Europe.
  • The project has prepared a range of follow-up activities and secured finance for renewable energy projects in Central America.

Lessons learned

  • In Europe there is a growing interest in forms of international cooperation through decentralised institutions and the contacts made during the project have led to a cascade of follow-up initiatives that could be very beneficial for the countries involved.
  • Additionally, the project brought together local institutions that had experienced only limited collaboration in the past but which are now planning to proceed further in integrating their different skills and activities after the end of the project. In this respect alone the idea of building multi-layered informal networks has been a success.

Partners and coordinator

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Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica
Contact point: 
Luís Alves
00351 - 218 417 372 or 218 419 406


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2008
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