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Technology procurement for very energy efficient circulation pumps (ENERGY+ PUMPS)

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Circulators in single or double family homes and flats cause about 2–3 % of the overall electricity consumption of the EU. A new technology of pumps with electronically commutated (EC) motor pumps is available now; it is one possible way to achieve a reduction in circulator annual electricity use by 60 % or more. If these new very energy-efficient pump technologies become the new technology standard for circulators, they will save about 1 % of current EU electricity consumption, that is 30 TWh/year, and reduce CO2 emissions by 15 million tons per year. The project has adapted and applied the technology procurement methodology. Large buyers, including (social) housing companies, local authorities and installation contractors, were aggregated, to activate the pump and boiler manufacturers. Sales and training materials, and sizing spreadsheet software for installation contractors were developed and applied. A competition both for energy-efficient products and marketing campaigns was organised and the information on the Energy+ pumps was disseminated widely through website, newsletter, media, and fairs.


  • Three circulators from Grundfos and Wil won Energy+ awards at the Mostra Convegno fair in Milan after having achieved production using 50% less electricity than is required to achieve the 'class A' category under the Europump energy label. A condensing boiler by Solvis which uses the circulator also received an award, as did a promotion campaign by the City of Salzburg.
  • Lists of qualifying Energy+ circulators have been published four times, with more 26 products of three different sizes on the latest list.
  • Lists of 49 institutional buyers and of 27 supporters.
  • A market share of more than 15 % for Energy+ circulators sold stand-alone.
  • The Energy+ Pumps project contributed to the formulation of the Commission´s proposal for the EuP requirements for circulators.

Lessons learned

  • Experience confirmed that installation contractors are very important actors, since they usually choose the circulator in the residential sector.
  • The pump manufacturers were very open for the project and willingly to cooperate.
  • Success in introducing Energy+ circulators into wall-mounted boilers will depend on decreasing prices for Energy+ circulators.

Partners and coordinator

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Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt und Energie GmbH
Contact point: 
Claus Barthel
Felix Suerkemper
+49 (0)202 2492-269
Stefan Thomas
Oliver Lah
+49 30288745816


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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