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The Energy Path: an e-learning platform for education of the new generations in the sustainable energy field (ENERGY PATH)

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Energy-Path develops the first innovative e-learning platform at European level, based on open source technology, containing didactic resources on RES, RUE, Transport and mobility which allows the online updating of the Web's contents and didactic material. It is addressed to: - teachers and agents related to the education and the energy, - Students of secondary education (teenagers) and general public. In a first stage, the project will access 135 Secondary schools, 325 Teachers & 8.125 Pupils. This Platform will sensitize and train the target audience in the involved countries, promoting the development of a new model of environmental education, affecting the changes of attitude, creating a conscience of individual and collective commitment with the acceptance and boost of the clean technologies and its good use.


  • Signature of agreements or letter of intent of the schools which participate in the project
  • Development of the contents and didactic resources to the educative institutions and the Energy Agencies.
  • Active participation of the teachers by the creation of the "Reflection group" in each country
  • Development of the e-learning Platform and the Website of the project
  • Creation of an E-Path network, 141 schools, 300 teachers and 8.000 students

Lessons learned

  • Drafting an action plan should be clearly included the agreement with the schools. A draft of action plan should be developed during the training course. For some specialised schools, as "vocational education", appropriate tools have to be developed. The use of one unique e-learning tool for all secondary school is an illusion. The activities should be developed in a synchronic way, using a real "learning path". Also the questions and exercises could be inserted in an obliged to follow path.
  • Specific project based learning method training should be established.Those capacities can be used in energy education.It cannot be meant that an energy educational training course should also train in teaching methods.The energy agency partners need of course a training in those methods seen that are using it, and have no background in it.There should be a clear distinction between the teachers and students for the data of the platform, with activity sheets specifically developed for students.
  • An energy saving engagement announced by media, as website, e-mails press etc. should be made at the start. This approach in the training should be made clearer about why it is important and how to make an “engagement to save energy”. This should be inserted into the e-learning course as a real learning task. The idea of making an exhibition at the end of the project should be a more result driven task, already engaged at the start.

Partners and coordinator

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Edicions i Serveis Escolars Domènech , S.A.
Contact point: 
Juan Ignacio Dom?nech Ripoll
0034 932118893


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01/11/2006 to 31/10/2008
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