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A network of sustainable ENERGY supporting structures FOR the Covenant of MAYORS (ENERGY FOR MAYORS)

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The aim of the ENERGY for MAYORS project was to contribute to the successful implementation of the Covenant of Mayors, with a particular focus on Coordinators and Supporters. The project was based on a consideration that these supporters play vital role in the Covenant implementation but they need guidance in order to be successful and effectively support Covenant signatories. The project offered them specific trainings and tools including a toolbox, as well as possibilities for exchange of experiences and networking. In addition, project partners from 10 regions assisted more than 80 municipalities in the development and implementation of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans. The ENERGY for MAYORS project also successfully trialed the integration of SEAP with an Energy Management System (EMS) according to the ISO 50001 in 8 pilot municipalities.


  • A toolbox was developed. The toolbox allows to access in a user friendly way the relevant information for Covenant Supporters/Coordinators through the internet. A total of over 1100 methodologies, good practices etc. have been collected.
  • Over 80 municipalities were fully supported by the partnership in developing their SEAP and in implementing 168 actions.
  • 147 municipalities have already officially handed-over their SEAP to the Covenant of Mayors as a result of the project.
  • 4 Seminars/Workshop/Conference have been organized through Europe and 7 national working groups of Covenant Supporters/Coordinators have been established.
  • 8 pilot of EMS (ISO 50001) integration into SEAP development have been tested.

Lessons learned

  • The role of Covenant Supporters/Coordinators is crucial to involve municipalities: awareness, lack of skills and funds prevents municipalities to apply to CoM or to meet its commitments. Promotion of the CoM and a strong technical, financial and political support is crucial for small municipalities.
  • Data gathering is a difficult task for most of the municipalities. Many municipalities lack data and often local energy suppliers are not much cooperative in supplying them. Utilities and distributors need to be contacted well in advance and in the appropriate format. Counting biomass and other fuels for heating is also a challenge but proves useful especially for small mountain municipalities.Municipalities lack tools to calculate energy savings and CO2 emissions in the transport sector.
  • Cooperation is needed at all levels. People, policy makers, stakeholders and civil servants involvement is crucial for CoM effectiveness. Most of the possible actions of the SEAP target the private sector. Also regional, national and European authorities play a vital role for CoM success. Peer-to-peer trainings seem to have big potential.

Partners and coordinator

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Città Metropolitana di Genova
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BRIZI Fausto
+39 010 5499472
+39 010 5499435


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01/05/2010 to 30/04/2013
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