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Sustainable Energy Actions for Europe's Cohesion (ENERGY 4 COHESION (E4C))

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The project was set-up to lay the ground for an extended use of decentralised and sustainable energy actions of the European Cohesion Programmes after 2006. Starting from the favourable framework conditions the EU set for the Cohesion Policies the project helped to bring these priorities into the national and regional Cohesion and Structural Programmes. An alliance out of industry, SMEs, political pressure groups and development organisations targeted decision makers in countries with underdeveloped rural regions. The project demonstrated best practice in eight target regions by the design of Master Plans that aimed at the implementation of RE & RUE projects in selected regions. It identified the best funding mechanisms and elaborated suitable cooperation schemes. The following target regions were selected: Czech Republic: Zlin Region Latvia: Limbazi Region Slovak Republic: Velky Krtis Lithuania: Kaunas Region Poland: Poviat Nowa Sol Greece: Prefecture of Evros Estonia: Saaremaa Island Italy: Alta Locride


  • Eight comprehensive Master Plans for RE actions in selected regions of Southern and Eastern Europe.
  • Guidelines for planning RES and RUE actions within the European Cohesion Policies.
  • Strategy paper on innovative financing schemes for new RES and RUE projects.
  • Guidelines for bundling RE actions making them bankable and feasible for Structural and Cohesion Funds.
  • Seminars on the potential of Cohesion Programmes for funding small scale RES and RUE actions.

Lessons learned

  • The renewable energy references within the National Development Programmes for the period 2007-2013 will be very heterogeneous in the individual Member States. It is politically desired that renewables will have a prominent place in the Cohesion Policies after 2006, but more action is needed. The success of strategies will strongly depend on the implementation at national and regional level.
  • Some conditions have to be met for the development of renewable energy within Cohesion Policies: - Transparent and well managed Programme structure, since these technologies are often promoted from small and remote actors. - The financial threshold for Structural Funds applications has to be well adapted to the needs of renewable energy, this means that the investment sizes of a project should also be possible below 3 Mio Euro.
  • Funding of technology producers is strongly welcomed, since in the long run the extended use of regional renewable energy resources is only possible with domestically produced technologies. SCFs should be well adapted to the national RE & RUE promotion schemes. The main focus for RE & RUE promotion should be 1) monitoring and analysis of best practices; 2) support of RE project developers and; 3) RE training for SF management.

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WIP GmbH & Co Planungs-KG
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01/01/2006 to 30/06/2008
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