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Strategy for Energy Sustainability and Strengthening of the Planning of the Energy Use in Sustainable or Potentially Sustainable Municipalities (ENERGY 21)

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ENERGY21 consisted in developing a strategy to reach energy sustainability through the strengthening of the Local Agenda21 in the energy field. The project developed a tool that guarantees the European and National Policy fulfilment in energy subject in each member country as well as the implementation of local initiatives. They were developed along the principles of LA21 and therefore all citizens and market actors were actively involved throughout the process. The partners implemented an energy diagnosis of the actual situation of their areas, by means of consulting experts and discussion tables, then translating this into an Action Plan. They then developed tools and a Guidebook to enable the uptake of SEAPs, fitting into the framework of the new initiative Covenant of Mayors.


  • Creation and design of a European Guidebook for strengthening energy sustainability/Local Agenda 21 programmes.
  • Design of a turn-key Model SEAP template and associated tools.
  • Energy Diagnosis: Research and edition of documents about the actual situation of energy consumption and production, energy uses, in addition to renewable energy system in the project area.
  • Dissemination to key actors, mainly mayors and municipalities offering the tools as a means to achieve their CoM objectives.
  • Awareness and education of the population: behaviour changes of the inhabitants in relation to the use of the conventional and renewable energy.

Lessons learned

  • The project delivered a set of tools for municipalities to meet the challenges of local sustainability and to commit to the Covenant of Mayors. By weaving into existing Agenda 21 and sustainability networks, it was able to work from a base, at least in some of the partner territories, whilst intertwining its work with new initiatives. This ensures solid foundations and continuity, and makes the Energy21 work an important building block in the local sustainability movement.
  • The dissemination activities were met with a positive response. The reason for this is that it appears there is a very strong political movement towards local sustainability planning, but little in the way of technical knowledge. What Energy21 has done is provide and distribute those tools to provide the assistance required by many municipalities to fulfil their sustainability objectives.
  • The biggest issue that arose was the lack of energy data available at local level. Furthermore, when data was available, it was clear that some serious errors were also contained within data calculations, from the sources which the partners had no option but to refer to. This problem will surely be pertinent to the Covenant of Mayors initiative and must be addressed by the CoMO. Many data required by the Covenant are hard to find and sometimes highly inaccurate.

Partners and coordinator

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Diputación Provincial de Huelva
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Isabel Brito
0034 95 9494645
Isabel Brito
0034 959 49 46 45


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01/01/2007 to 31/10/2009
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