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EnergizAIR - The sky is the limit (ENERGIZAIR)

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EnergizAIR adds positive indicators about the part of the energy needs that were covered thanks to renewable energy sources in the weather forecast. Those indicators stress the link between the weather, the energy sources and our consumption, emphasising what we can do with the available resources. In the context of conventional energy sources rarefaction and of climate change, the climate news can pave the way for a deep cultural change. The energy changes with the colour of the sky… Based on meteorological observations and the monitoring of renewable energy systems, a weekly or daily report is produced on the solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy productions of the climatic area, then translated into concrete indicators that are included in the weather forecast. By implementing the "renewable energy weather forecast" tool in France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Belgium, the project reached 2.5 million people. EnergizAIR aims to promote renewable energy sources and to support energy diversification and rational use of energy. It is to make the European citizens aware of the potential of renewable energy sources, to help them to understand the energy problematic and to act towards sustainable energy management.


  • Broadcasting of the renewable energy weather forecast in 19 media, with an audience of 2,5 million people.
  • One European website and 5 national support websites with the renewable energy weather forecast updated daily and available historic data for three technologies (solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy) along with Interactive tools linking renewable energy with rational energy use, and dissemination tools available to be embedded in other websites, thanks to a strong IT structure.
  • Training of 29 weather anchors, big launching of the weather forecast in France, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia and daily support of the media.
  • Presentation of EnergizAIR in 21 conferences to more than 2000 people.
  • A methodology to transfer the concept to to other countries. Have a look at the video:

Lessons learned

  • When planning a project, one should never underestimate the time and resources needed for IT aspects. Their management takes time, on a planning that works differently than the usual day-to-day scheduling used for other aspects. When a project has that big an IT component, it is important to have someone with the same profile on the partners’ team, which can coordinate the IT people. If that is not possible, some extra time should be considered in order to translate IT language to the partners, so they can follow what is going on. For EnergizAIR, we made a mix of both and trained someone to become IT-proficient.
  • Media from big countries have a different profile from the ones from the smaller ones. They are bigger, with heavier structures and a kind of star system for the weather anchors. This should be taken into account when planning time to contact them. More time than what was foreseen for EnergizAIR is needed. Regarding the timing, the political and social framework in terms of renewable energies should also be taken into account, to make the most of periods with supportive population and Governments about renewable energies, and consider extra time when the framework is not as supportive.
  • Two profiles are needed in the associations that work with EnergizAIR: a communication profile, but also a technical one, to be able to manage both the IT and communication aspects. Last updated: 05.12.2012

Partners and coordinator

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Association pour la Promotion des Energies Renouvelables
Contact point: 
Nathalie Gilly
+32 (0)2 209 04 06
Ms Nathalie Gilly


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01/04/2010 to 30/06/2012
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