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Promoting the Rational Use of Energy and Small Scale Renewable Energy Sources applications in Buildings (ENERBUILDING)

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Over 40% of the final energy use in EU is consumed in residential & commercial buildings. There is then a vast potential for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving energy via an integrated approach whereby energy efficiency (EE) measures are combined with renewable energy (RE) generation systems integrated into the building itself. A major role in this sense is played by users of buildings and households: they can consume energy more efficiently, but they also can act as energy producers by installing in their own building solar thermal collectors, photovoltaic panels or biomass heating systems. ENERBUILDING is a broad information campaign initiated by consumers' associations in 4 EU countries: Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. By using the existing consumers' networks, practical information on EE measures and RE systems in buildings are widely spread. Practical guides for consumers are distributed for a total of 380.000 copies; by means of ad-hoc conferences, seminars, call centres, a web-site in 5 languages and radio & TV broadcasts, at least one million of end users will benefit of practical information on sustainable energy solutions to be adopted in their own dwellings.


  • Establishment of a call centre in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France to provide assistance and information to consumers on improving the energy efficiency of their buildings
  • Development of a web site available in EN, IT, ES, FR and PT where information on implemented actions can be found and information material downloaded, as well as links, news and much more
  • Printing and dissemination of 4 practical guides (270.000 copies in the overall) in 4 languages on detached houses, condominiums/block of flats, public buildings, new buildings.
  • Organisation of a Conference for the launch of the project, 26 Conferences for the general public of consumers, 8 Workshops for local administrators, 78 meetings with Secondary School students and a Final International Conference.
  • Media campaign in each country: participation in 57 radio and TV programmes, organization of press conferences, delivery of press releases.

Lessons learned

  • Dissemination actions are more effective when linked with high-level and national initiatives that may increase the project’s visibility as well as provide additional funding for the implementation of specific actions.
  • As regards the call centre, citizens demand reliable and qualified technicians and professionals who can physically perform the energy efficiency interventions at their houses. Therefore, a network of trained and qualified experts should be linked to the call centre, so that it can address citizens towards them.
  • There is a strong need for the training of operators of the whole supply chain (architects, technicians, installers, etc.), in order to guarantee successful installation of the best available energy measures and technologies in buildings.

Partners and coordinator

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ADICONSUM - Associazione Difesa Consumatori e Ambiente
Contact point: 
Flavio Biondi
Pieraldo Isolani
0039 06 44237693


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01/11/2006 to 31/10/2009
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