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Removal of non technological barriers to encourage SME energy efficiency by the rational use of biomass (ENEFIBIO)

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The ENEFIBIO project helps creating a favourable framework for bioenergy projects development in Senegalese and Cameroonian SMEs. It promotes the use of biomass (residues from agro-food and wood-processing industries, etc.) to produce heat and/or power with efficient technologies. Emphasis is given to energy production within SMEs to provide them with the energy services required for their processes. The non-technological barriers to the development of bioenergy projects are addressed through: - the stimulation of dialogue between policy-makers and SME entrepreneurs regarding policy frameworks - the training of project developers on how to conduct pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and on project development methodology - the development of tools to assist project developers (guidelines etc.) - the development of tools to inform SME entrepreneurs on the potential of energy improvement in their companies with adapted bioenergy technologies.


  • To put on the market persons able to push SME bioenergy projects from idea to financing and implementation
  • To set up an information centre in Senegal and in Cameroun to stimulate bioenergy projects development in SMEs
  • To suggest concrete recommendations to improve policy frameworks in order to stimulate investments in bioenergy

Lessons learned

  • Awareness of SME entrepreneurs regarding the role of energy in the company efficiency is increasing.
  • The definition of a SME differs not only between Senegal to Cameroun, but also from the EC definition. The criteria are usually based on the annual turnover and the number of employees, which can hardly be known precisely.
  • Few data exist on SMEs energy consumption, except for traditional sectors such as sugar and palm oil industries. SME managers do not have a clear idea of their energy consumption.

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Centre Wallon de Recherches Agronomiques
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Romain Crehay
0032 0 81 627 148


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01/07/2005 to 31/12/2007
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