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ENergy efficiency in City LOgistics Services for small and mid-sized European Historic Towns (ENCLOSE)

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European small/mid-size historic towns (EU SMHTs) are a major component of EU urbanised structure, with over 1000 centres located in all EU27 countries. While city logistics innovation efforts have been undertaken in most European major centres, ENCLOSE proposes to focus attention on SMHTs and to enhance the diffusion of energy efficiency and sustainable urban logistics planning solutions in EU towns. ENCLOSE addresses the STEER urban energy-efficient transport theme by: 1. qualifying the demand of Local Authorities of EU SMHTs for sustainable, energy-efficient urban logistics and freight distribution solutions, 2. spreading good practices and suitable strategies for affective integration in the overall urban mobility and town governance policies, 3. supporting the development of urban logistics and freight distribution plans, 4. contributing to the definition of frame of recommendations to relevant institutional bodies, decision and policy makers.


  • Assess the applicability and benefits of energy-efficient and sustainable urban logistics measures specifically targeted to European SMHTs, by implementation of i) Pilot Operations in 3 forerunner towns (in Italy, Norway and The Netherlands and ii) Feasibility and Transferability analysis and implementation of soft measures carried out in 6 follower towns in Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Rumania, Spain and UK.
  • Development of Sustainable Urban Logistic Plans (SULPs) in the 9 ENCLOSE towns. Aiming to achieve an early propagation effect within the project life time, the local administrations of the ENCLOSE towns (pilots and followers) will adopt their respective specific SULP.
  • Building up a suitable and usable framework for the definition of SULPs for SMHTs. This will lead to a key usable tool for European towns, decision makers and urban logistics stakeholders. Linking to the concept and guidelines, a general framework will be produced which will guide and enable European SMHTs to set up their SULPs, with a clear definition of energy-efficiency in city logistics processes.
  • Investigating policy-level issues and defining a suitable strategy to ensure long-term sustainability of the designed SULPs framework for SMHTs. In order to foster long term impacts of the project, complementary to the SULPs framework for local authorities and logistics stakeholders, ENCLOSE will provide elements to address and stimulate the various institutional levels to ensure the necessary frame conditions for the adoption and implementation of the SULPs by the concerned towns.
  • Promoting and enhancing the networking of European SMHTs on the themes of sustainable and energy-efficient logistics, to facilitate the exchange of experiences, promote and achieve the adoption of SULPs.

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01/08/2012 to 06/07/2015
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