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Energy Neighbourhoods2 - The Energy Challenge (EN2)

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EN2 was the successor of the IEE project Energy Neighborhood and built on the idea of an energy saving bet between cities and citizens. Cities challenged their citizens in two consecutive years to save at least 9% energy in 4 months compared to the previous year. The approach combined a competition on local, national and EU level with measures, such as training for households and municipalities, consumption monitoring and local climate campaigns. Throughout the process, knowledge was provided to all participating households and information events were organised. Participating households were supported by specially trained "Energy Masters", volunteers from the neighborhood that motivated, supervised monitoring and provided material, such as ‘DIY energy audits’. Local authorities were supported by the partners to implement the project. The project’s main results were reduced energy consumption in private households and raised awareness for energy efficient products and climate protection policies. The initiative will be continued in several of the partner countries and further developed.


  • Consumer information and involvement leading to changed consumer behaviour: The project was designed to raise awareness and inform various groups of individual consumers on energy saving best practice, energy efficient behaviour and products.
  • Measurable reduced energy consumption and CO2 savings: 830 energy neighbourhoods representing 8626 households with 22420 households members participated in the campaign. On average, energy svings of 8.94% and 12.94% were achieved in the 1st and 2nd campaign year. Compared to the previous years, the neighbourhoods saved 5735 MWh and 2425t CO2.
  • Wide dissemination and implementation: A comprehensive communication strategy ensured that participants themselves became multipliers of the project idea when being interviewed and presented in local media channels, by presenting their activities through a blog and by using social media applications. All together, 850 articles, radio and tv clips could be placed and 134 presentations were given.

Lessons learned

  • The concept of EN2 is working in all countries and has been perceived as highly transferable. Nevertheless cultural differences between the countries shouldn’t be underestimated. In order to meet the expectations of all participants it is important to ensure that the rules are clear and transparent, while the data and results are consistent and carefully checked.
  • The saving results are an important factor of the project, but changing behaviour in a sustainable way is also an important project goal. It is therefore necessary to provide tailor-made energy saving tips and to accompany and support the participants throughout the competition. After having established certain behavioural patterns throughout the campaign, it has been experienced that the participants establish energy efficient behaviour as a routine in their lives on the long term as well.
  • A positive spin-off effect came with the implementation of CO2-challenges, conversations and exchange of experiences between the EN2 participants. Various further ambitions, such as travelling by electric cars to EN2 events, providing a CO2-friendly catering or organising a seasonal cooking class allows fun, demonstration, chat and wider thinking.

Partners and coordinator

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B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH
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Anke Merziger
Gabriele Zink-Ehlert
0049 30 39042 96
Anke Merziger
+49 30 39042 54
Heinel Thekla
+49 30 39042-66


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27/04/2011 to 27/10/2013
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