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Promotion of Energy Management Practices in the Textile Industries of Greece, Portugal and Spain. (EMS-TEXTILE)

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The EMS-TEXTILE project aimed to promote energy management practices mainly to the textile industries of Greece, Portugal, Spain and Bulgaria. The proposed energy management practices are based on previous experience from successful environmental and energy management applications throughout the world. Through collaborative processes between project partners and potential end users, energy audit and benchmarking tools and energy management supportive publications are developed and disseminated. Supportive activities of the project include the creation of a transnational experience exchange network, the institution of Help-Line desks, the elaboration of training seminars and pilot implementations. Dissemination activities include the organisation of informative workshops, the publication of articles, the distribution of leaflets and the presentation of the project results at national and EU events. In general EMS-Textile provides the necessary tools and elaborates combined actions for their implementation. All deliverables, activities, contact details and news of the project are available at


  • Energy management standard and guidelines for implementation
  • Energy Audit Tool for the identification of energy savings opportunities and energy performance assessment
  • Energy Consumption Benchmarking Tool for quick comparative evaluation of energy performance
  • Energy Management Manual for the improvement of the company's energy efficiency
  • Case Study presentations from the pilot implementations elaborated during the project

Lessons learned

  • Many industries in European Union have already undertaken energy efficiency investments, but the improvement of energy management is not among their priorities, in many cases because they are not aware of its benefits and practices
  • The benchmarking research conducted at the participating countries of the EMS-Textile project showed that energy performance was similar in Greek, Spanish and Portuguese enterprises, while Bulgarian companies presented lower performance due to the use of older equipment and production techniques.
  • Real management commitment is the key for the successful implementation of energy management. It is expressed via the allocation of adequate financial and human resources and not just by written policies.

Partners and coordinator

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SIGMA Consultants Ltd
Contact point: 
Thanasis Manoloudis
0030 2310 242 801


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01/01/2005 to 30/06/2007
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