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European Local Electricity Production (ELEP)

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Distributed generation (DG) refers to the generation of power close to the point of consumption through the use of a variety of technologies. ELEP set out to support the use of DG in Europe by removing the regulatory and practical barriers currently restricting its use and by developing a roadmap and timeline for its take-up. The project set out to identify and address the barriers affecting DG use and to propose solutions and methods by which the barriers could be minimised through policy and legislation. Another key objective was the establishment of detailed EU policy guidelines on connection charging, ownership of equipment, net metering and feed-in tariffs.


  • 29 recommendations have been made to improve DG uptake, e.g. the suggestion that DG be used as an infrastructure development tool, and elements put forward on the issue of interconnection standards and the development of market rules, including connection charging and net metering;
  • Energy companies, equipment suppliers, project developers, industry associations; consultancy organisations, end-users and municipal authorities were all brought together to enhance DG uptake;
  • A series of energy efficiency case studies were carried out to demonstrate the energy efficiency/emissions benefits of DG;
  • Proposals were put forward for a generic certification and authorisation protocol for DG and renewables across Europe;
  • Authorisation practices across the EU Member States were reviewed.

Lessons learned

  • EU Member States apply very different, inconsistent and non-transparent procedures and rules for interconnection and connection charging of new DG and RES market entrants. This creates unnecessary risk and uncertainty to project developers, and it leads to market distortion.
  • As a result of the above, there is an urgent need for novel, consistent and pan-European approaches to DG interconnection rules and connection charging across the whole of the EU.
  • The documents produced by the ELEP consortium offer some practical policy and legislative proposals for consideration by policy makers and stakeholders in these areas. These will be updated as more outputs of the project are delivered. Last update: 23.06.2010

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Rolls-Royce plc
United Kingdom
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Richard Knight
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01/01/2005 to 30/06/2007
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