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Boosting efficiency in electricity use in 8 European regions (EL-EFF REGION)

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Electricity consumption is rising, in some areas with alarming speed, and a considerable lack of awareness about this increase exists, not only among the general public but also in SMEs, in public administrations and in political decision makers on regional and local levels. There is a strong risk that the increase in electricity consumption will overcompensate the growth in electricity production from renewable energy sources. The project boosts efficiency in electricity use in 8 European regions, it analyses and tackles areas with specific growth rates by developing regional plans and implementing targeted promotion and dissemination activities. The project regions are: Oberösterreich (A), Ile-de-France (F), Pomerania (PL), South Bohemia (CZ), Västra Götaland (S), Madrid (E), Navarra (E), Saxony (D)


  • 8 regional action plans to boost electricity efficiency
  • 8,000 decision makers in public administration and businesses reached
  • reaching 5% of the population in each region, equalling more than 800,000 citizens
  • motivating 560 households and 240 companies/institutions to participate in the "Minus 10% action"
  • 18 events with over 1,000 participants

Lessons learned

  • Improve end-use efficiency of electricity requires a large number of different measures in the legal, financial and information fields. The responsibilities for these measures are often shared between the European, the national and the regional/local levels. For a strategic approach, action plans on all levels are needed, otherwise concerted and strategic action is unlikely to happen.
  • When working with end-use efficiency of electricity in other sectors than households (agriculture and "social residences" in this project), statistical data are very scarce. Further actions addressing the lack of these data as well as the development of measures would seem to be of high interest.
  • The representative survey revealed that the lack of awareness on concrete possibilities to save electricity in households was even greater than assumed when preparing the proposal.

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Energie Agentur Steiermark GmbH
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Christiane Egger
Christiane Egger


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01/01/2007 to 30/04/2009
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