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Expert system for an Intelligent Supply of Thermal Energy in Industry (EINSTEIN)

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The present project aims at contributing to a widespread implementation of integral energy-efficient solutions for thermal energy supply in the industrial sectors with a high fraction of low and medium temperature heat demand, especially the food, wood processing and metal treatment sectors that will be first addressed within this project. For optimising thermal energy supply, a holistic integral approach is required that includes possibilities of demand reduction by heat recovery and process integration, and by an intelligent combination of existing affordable heat (and cold) supply technologies, under the given economic constraints. EINSTEIN aims to develop an EINSTEIN toolkit for thermal energy auditing, to reduce cost and improve the quality of energy audits. At least 300 energy auditors, industrial technicians and other relevant actors in the field of industrial energy efficiency will be trained on the EINSTEIN-tool within the project and at least 90 companies will participate in the EINSTEIN auditing campaign.


  • A new methodology, the EINSTEIN tool-kit, available for low cost, efficient audits focused on optimizing the thermal energy demand and supply in industry for download on the web site
  • 2.500 copies of the complete EINSTEIN tool-kit including the expert system software tool and the guidelines in 6 European languages
  • 200 trained auditors that apply the EINSTEIN auditing tool-kit and act as multipliers and 90 industrial companies that have been audited
  • A simplified version of the expert system software tool for web-based self assessment

Lessons learned

  • There is great interest in the EINSTEIN methodology and the EINSTEIN software tool by auditors which is shown by the numbers of participants in the work shops and trainings.
  • The research on existing energy efficiency tools shows that the EINSTEIN approach with the use of the pinch analyses is unique for the tools on the market and the industrial companies are very curious to work with this kind of tool.

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Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
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Christoph Brunner
0043 316 876 2413


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01/09/2007 to 31/08/2009
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