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Energy Intelligent Education for Retrofitting of Social Houses (EI-EDUCATION)

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Social housing companies, municipalities and other housing stock owners were targeted by an education programme with the aim of helping them carry out energy-intelligent retrofitting. Renovations can lead to potential energy savings of 30%. The programme used mixed learning techniques adapted to the varying circumstances in participant countries. Teaching tools included an Internet platform, a guidebook and e-learning material.


  • To inspire social housing companies to practise energy intelligent retrofitting, a guidebook has been compiled. It is based upon 62 best practice examples from 11 countries, showing increases in energy efficiency of at least 30%, and can be downloaded from the website.
  • Education programmes for social housing companies were developed in six participating countries.
  • National training courses were organized for over 150 representatives from about 90 social housing companies.
  • An awareness raising international seminar for Housing Associations in the EU was arranged in collaboration with CECODHAS, the European Liaison Committee for Social housing, gathering 80 participants from 14 countries, representing about 50 social housing organisations and a number of researchers and exoerts.
  • As a result of EI-Education, a project of energy intelligent retrofitting of 250 row houses has already started in Denmark.

Lessons learned

  • There are enormous differences in the organisation of the low income housing in the participating countries
  • The housing associations are familiar with many building technologies and will not be interested in training on basic renovation technologies. Their knowledge about building management and legal obligations is quite high. They are also aware of existing support schemes. However, they could be interested in innovative technologies and their practical application as well as information about latest building trends in other parts of Europe
  • Working on the web is more relevant than paper versions of the guidebook

Partners and coordinator

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Aarhus School of Architecture, Department of Supplementary Education
Contact point: 
Elsebeth Terkelsen
0045 89 36 01 57 / mobile 0045 22 68 72


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2007
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