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Energy, Education, Governance and Schools. A European school panel for involving local communities in energy efficiency programs (EGS)

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EGS started from the need to involve local communities in tackling energy issues and improving energy efficiency. The main actor contributing to involve a whole community and at the same time training the younger generations is the school. The project developed an actual framework for the implementation of energy efficiency at school including a manifesto and courses for schools staff and for students. The core aim of the project was focussing on the involvement of local actors in 4 processes: educational programmes, teachers training, involvement of the local productive sector and governance. 13 forums were created, each producing an action plan with at least 3 feasibility plans for the main tasks. Each forum implemented 1 pilot action that was monitored and evaluated. In addition, some of the participating schools tested and integrated an Energy Management System (EMS) into their operations.


  • 122 manifestos for energy efficiency were signed by schools and other stakeholders
  • 13 local forums were set up and 13 energy action plans were developed with stakeholder involvement from the whole community. A collection of 39 new energy projects were identified and 13 action implemented, monitored and evaluated.
  • 4 schools tested and integrated Energy Management Systems - EN16001 into their school operations.
  • A database containing 50 good practice school activities is online on the project website.
  • 150 teachers were trained reaching out to 14,000 pupils. 120 teachers and 1,200 students participated in study tours to sustainable energy parks and learnt hands-on about energy efficiency and renewables.

Lessons learned

  • Young people are perhaps the ones who can impact the most the local communities by disseminating best practices for energy efficiency. It is necessary to involve the whole educational community: from the director of a school, to a maximum number of students and teachers, but also families, local enterprises, civil society and local and regional governments which have the power to institutionalise good practices.

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Giorgio Pizzolato
+39 0445 521715


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01/09/2008 to 28/02/2011
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