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Efficient Implementation of Energy Services in SME (EFFI)

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The project addresses the clever use of energy in SME through appropriate and cost-efficient, "intelligent" energy services. Intelligent energy services should be not only technically appropriate, but need to consider real capabilities (or lack of) of SMEs. Furthermore, competition between energy service providers is needed as well as adequate economies of scale, to make projects in SMEs interesting, i.e. cost-effective. To facilitate all this and make it happen, the project aims at the introduction of an independent organisation - an "energy service market operator" (ESMO). Experience from the public sector shows that such a function can stimulate market development and is able to trigger real implementation of energy efficiency measures. Learning from this experience, pilot "energy service market" projects with activities in 20-35 SMEs in Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia and Germany will be performed. They will test pre-defined measures, flanked by large-scale marketing


  • Design of innovative model of energy service market, attractive for SMEs as well for other parties (e.g. ESCOs, financial organizations)
  • Successful pilot projects, testing the new energy service market
  • Effective contribution to development of market for energy services
  • Effective communication of energy efficiency to SME

Lessons learned

  • Transparency of energy-relevant data is the key to raise awareness. Energy-efficiency targeted/oriented action can only be motivated by SME if transaction costs for collecting such data are reduced to nearly zero. Gaining trust of SMEs is a long process.
  • ESMO shall avoid perception as a new market competitor to SME client by proactive self presentation due to the requirement to quickly provide confidence. Well established corporate communication and marketing approach in banking sector with its internal rules demands adaptation capability of ESMO.
  • To increase cost effectiveness, integration of energy services with other measures (e.g. environmental) is necessary

Partners and coordinator

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Genera Lynx, Informacijske tehnologije v industriji in energetiki, d.o.o.
Contact point: 
Alexandra Waldmann
00386 1 24 25 766


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01/09/2006 to 28/02/2009
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